Tiny Homes a Solution to Housing Shortage posted on the 4th April 2016

This week, Ipswich and Logan Granny Flats, the expert Granny Flat builders, bring to you an article on the Tiny House movement in Australia. With demand outstripping supply, these tiny houses could be the solution in some circumstances, according to the experts…

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Milton Ulladulla Times | Jessica Clifford
March 31 2016

Tiny houses may be the solution to Australia’s housing shortage according to Bawley Point builder, Grant Emans.

After 16 years as a builder he caught wind of the tiny house movement which has taken off in America and decided to start building the homes from the South Coast.

He has recently given up building full sized houses to focus his efforts on his new business, Designer Eco Tiny Homes.

“I put the concept out and had a client in Milton who wanted one,” Grant said.

“He’s using it as an office and library space

“It’s a new concept and there are only a handful of these in Australia.

“It could be the future of housing,” he said.

The tiny houses come in several sizes, from nine square metres to 60 square metres for the full granny flat.

Each house can be uniquely designed to suit the home it would be sitting alongside and is made from recyclable materials.

They are governed by the same rules as a caravan in terms of transport, and they do not require council approval to be installed.

The installation process takes 45 minutes.

They are designed with a hybrid power supply, partially solar but also connected to power from the main home’s supply.

They can also be built with bathrooms.

Grant is in the process of setting up a display home at Burrill Lake for people to view if they are considering building a tiny house.

“People can use them for anything,” Grant said.

Usages included on the website include a quick extension for growing families, granny flats for elderly parents, a backyard office, extra space for university students and a home for those building a bigger home who do not want to pay rent, however the options are endless.

“The biggest size can sleep up to seven people,” Grant said.

Grant is currently in America at the Tiny House Conference where he hopes to get a sneak peak of the emerging trends in tiny homes and bring these home to apply to his designs.





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