Logan City Council has announced this week that as of 1 July 2018, new granny flats and other auxiliary dwellings will be hit with a further $23,000 infrastructure charge… what are your thoughts on this, fair or unfair?  And is it really the solution to halting overcrowded developments with inadequate parking and facilities??

Logan to Charge $23k to Build ‘Rentable Granny Flat’

Quest Newspapers

November 3, 2017

Logan to charge $23K for rentable granny flats otherwise known as auxiliary units.

DEVELOPERS of rentable granny flats in Logan City will be slugged with infrastructure­ charges of $23,000 as of July 1.

The date was agreed on last week after some developers complained an abrupt change in the rules would unfairly leave property investors­ out of pocket.

Complaints were mainly from those who had bought blocks of land but were yet to get council approval to build two rentable units.

The council decided last month to crack down on the practice, known as auxiliary units, after residents’ complaints about the lack of parking and pressure on sewers and local parks.

The average infrastructure charge for an auxiliary unit, or rentable granny flat, in Logan will be $23,000 and will be levied at the plumbing and drainage approval stage.

Division 5 councillor Jon Raven said the charges were critical to discourage entire streets of dual occupancies being built.

“But we also need a reasonable time frame. March would be my first preference, but aligning payments with the financial year makes sense and gives investors time to plan for the changes,” he said.

An officer told last week’s City Growth committee a minimum lot size of 700sq m and a minimum 18m frontage would slow the practice.

Written by Sonia Woolley

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