Granny Flats for Rent : Investors Most Frequently Asked Questions posted on the 7th May 2014

Ipswich property investor FAQ

Who are Your Most Likely Tenants for Dual Living Properties?

The Downsizers – sick and tired of a big yard to maintain and over paying the mortgage every month. Many people just want a break from the constant commitment of maintenance and mortgages.

The Savers/Newlyweds – young couples, first home buyers, saving for their first home.

The Single Mums – Granny Flats provide security and independence and also usually have a small, easy care garden for the kids.

The Retirees – time to retire and have a place that you can lock up and go travelling for 3 or 6 months and still maintain independence.

What Sort of Rent Return can be Achieved?

Rent is usually the same if not slightly more than a 2 bedroom unit in the area. Most of the appraisals I do for Ipswich and surrounding areas range from $250 – $300 per week, depending on the final product, area and demographic for that particular suburb. An outdoor deck, landscaped garden and car parking facilities all add to the appeal and improve the gross yield.

What is Tenant Demand Like?

Real Estate For Rent In Ipswich
Enquiry for Granny Flats for rent is increasing every day. Just this week I had an enquiry from a lady and her son willing to go on the wait list for 3 months to get the right 2 bedroom Granny Flat in the Right Area. The appeal of living independently, paying reasonable rent but also having the basic security of someone close by is appealing – and it’s a growing the trend!

Are there any Extra Costs Associated with these Properties that Tenants need to Factor in?
No. No extra costs associated with renting a Granny Flat. All new Granny Flats have individual electricity, gas and water meters meaning these costs are incurred by the tenant. This is the same as renting a 2 bedroom house or unit with individual meters. Of course there is a bond of 4 weeks rent and 2 weeks rent up front when first moving in, standard procedure in Queensland.

What Sort of Features Appeal Most to Tenants in Ipswich?

Ipswich Granny Flats Demographic
DESIGN – At Ipswich Granny Flats we create modern buildings, all individually designed by an architect with full passive solar orientation, and with visual and acoustic privacy between the two occupants.

LOCATION – Consider access to shopping centres, schools and transport.

FINISHING TOUCHES – adequate soundproofing, quality fittings, ease of access, good-sized bedrooms and bathrooms.

For more information on Granny Flats for Rent
Call Julie Adams on 0411 073 747

Written by Sonia Woolley

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