Granny Flat Designs – Landscaping ? posted on the 12th November 2014

Landscaping is one of the most overlooked components when putting a project together …

And I say this because one of our current Granny Flat projects is investing in some landscaping – and it makes a huge difference to the end product. On completion we believe we will achieve as much rent per week for the 65m2 Granny Flat as we will on the existing post war home on the front of the property !

And we all want our Granny Flats to look fantastic! After having built a quality product with great inclusions eg. down lights and ceiling fans on the covered alfresco dining area, double external power points and other quality external fixtures – it’s the little things that count, and landscaping is no exception.

And we feel to make your new Granny Flat look exceptional, landscaping is the last part of the equation! From an investment point of view, if your property is being built as an investment, tenants feel proud about a great looking house and will make an effort to keep it that way. Even in average areas, if you have a better quality property tenants are more likely to take good care of it. Think of it as a good investment – as investors we all want better quality tenants, and this is one way of achieving it.


And once again, like good granny flat design – it doesn’t have to cost you the earth (pardon the pun!). It may only cost you good top soil, some turf and a few easy care, low maintenance plantings…

One of the great things about building within Ipswich City Council is their Free Plant Program. This is available at the council’s Queens Park Nursery, Goleby Avenue Ipswich, open three days a week. Click the link for days and opening hours :ICC Nursery – Opening Hours. Take in your rates notice, and this will entitle you to 6 free plants from the nursery per financial year.

ICC also has a Habitat Gardens Partnership Program where you have access to 30 free native plants and a nesting box – once again take in your rates and complete the one page application:ICC Habitat Gardens Partnership Program. These plants are grown locally and require minimal water once established, and great for the nature bird and butterfly population.

Another great incentive by Ipswich City Council!


There are 3 main type of turfs used here in Ipswich:

  1. Sir Walter Buffalo – prefers the warm climate so well suited to our local area. This is probably the most popular choice, but also the most expensive. It’s easy to maintain, doesn’t need a lot of mowing and will perform well in shade or sunny positions
  2. Also appealing because it is so hardy, and great for high traffic areas. Does take a little more care than buffalo
  3. Soft to touch, and everyone loves to lay on it ! Really drought tolerant, which is something to think about as our summers tend to be longer and hotter. Generally needs good sun


Generally allow about $2,000 – 2,500 for landscaping. This would include top soil, turf and some native style plantings. We feel it is important to plant the right vegetation for our local area, so let yourself be guided by what the local council nursery staff recommend.

Probably the only other cost that you might consider is what you may allow for the driveway to your new Granny Flat. We have tended to use crushed gravel as this is more cost effective, rather than a full concrete driveway which can be an exhorbitant cost. Generally we would allow $1500 – $2,000 for this, depending on the length and cubic metre measurement of the driveway.

* * * * * * *

The combination of good design principles, plans drawn by an experienced architect well versed in passive solar orientation, drawings produced site specific per property, in conjunction with a properly landscaped granny flat will attract a better quality tenant! Your neighbours will love the new work as well. And, it doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg…

Truly a WIN / WIN !!


We just want your Granny Flat to look as good on the outside as it does on the inside.




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Written by Sonia Woolley

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