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First Home-Buyers Taking a Different Approach to Home Ownership Posted on the 17th October 2019

We realise that everyone’s circumstances are unique and that not everyone is fortunate enough to have the Bank of Mum and Dad available to help them kick-start their property journey… however this article shows that a property portfolio is achievable for just about anyone – it’s all about thinking outside the square, making changes to your living/spending where you can… and of course, two of our favourite topics – building Granny Flats and Investing in Ipswich!!!

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Hardship and Homelessness: The Increase of Ageing Women Needing Help Posted on the 16th July 2019

Domestic violence, divorce, death of a partner, pay inequality, less Super at retirement… all of these things contribute to women experiencing hardship later in life, and the number of women needing assistance is increasing across the nation.

‘Bricks for chicks’: how to combat ageing female homelessness

Helen Pitt, The Sydney Morning Herald

April 4, 2019

Dorothy Collins, Margaret Lane and Tess Sievers have been friends since they met at teachers’ college in 1948,...Read More

Housing Shortage – Illegal or Informal Housing the Only Option For Some Posted on the 8th July 2019

Worth a read! This is mainly referencing the Sydney housing shortage, but makes you wonder how other areas will be affected in years to come?

Informal and illegal housing on the rise as our cities fail to offer affordable places to live

Nicole Gurran, Madeleine Pill and Sophia Maalsen, University of Sydney

30 April 2019

This shed has been illegally converted into housing. Two prams and three mattresses are visible. Informal...Read More

Considering Downsizing? There’s a Lot to Think About First Posted on the 1st July 2019

It’s a decision that many of us need to make at some point in our lives… but there are so many things to take into consideration before the For Sale sign goes up in the front yard!

on that many of us need to make at some point in our lives… but there are so many things to take into consideration before the For Sale sign goes up in the front yard!

Why downsizing is...Read More

Things to Consider Before Leasing your Granny Flat Posted on the 24th June 2019

A great article here, summarising the good and sometimes not-so-good factors to consider before leasing a Granny Flat. 

Please note that it actually is possible to lease out and receive an income from your Granny Flat in parts of Queensland – a number of councils do allow it (including Ipswich, Logan, Gold Coast, Moreton Bay…), call us anytime for further information.


The pros and cons of leasing a granny flat in Australia

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Co-Housing/Group Dwellings – The New Trend for the Future? Posted on the 18th June 2019

A Perth couple have thought outside the square when building a unique eco-friendly subdivision. Similar concepts are readily happening overseas – but how do you think they’ll take off in here in Australia?

Perth’s new way to subdivide: four families, four homes, 40 trees

Emma Young, The Sydney Morning Herald

April 28, 2019

A Perth sustainability expert known for his high-tech low-impact home has upped the ante by revealing plans to subdivide it...Read More

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