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Entering into a Granny Flat Agreement: Understand all the Elements Posted on the 9th January 2019

With the inquiry into tax treatment of Granny Flat arrangements commencing this year, this is another timely reminder of things to consider out before entering into a Granny Flat Agreement…

Granny flats for aged care caught in Catch 22

Rachel Lane, The Sydney Morning Herald

9 December 2018


Last week the Assistant Treasurer announced an inquiry into the tax treatment of granny flat arrangements will commence in the new year. The review is...Read More

CGT and GST on Granny Flats – The Important Bits That You NEED to Know! Posted on the 8th January 2019

TAX – it’s one of those things that we all love to hate! This article offers some great info on how your granny flat could be affected by current taxation rules, along with some simple calculations to show you just how much tax you might be liable to pay.  It’s worth a read for all investors!

CGT granny flat crackdown planned in bid to prevent evasion and elder abuse

Duncan Hughes, The Australian Financial...Read More

Rental Crisis – It’s a GREAT time to DOUBLE your rental income! Posted on the 15th November 2018

Savvy investors are taking advantage of the tight rental market, and are looking at ways to increase their income… adding a Granny Flat to your existing property is a fantastic option.  More housing, more income – it’s win-win if you ask me!

Australia’s residential vacancy rate tightest it has been in years

Sophie Foster, The Courier Mail

13 November 2018

Brisbane has seen its vacancy rate fall while Sydney is treading...Read More

Thinking of Moving in With the Kids? Here’s something to think about… Posted on the 6th November 2018

For some, moving in with their kids is the best option as the retiring years creep up on them.  However before any decisions are made, it’s important to do your homework to see how it will affect things both financially and legally. Here are a few points that you need to consider…

Granny flat issues: What you need to know before moving in with the kids

Starts at 60

3 November 2018


Read More

How Will Centrelink’s “Granny Flat Rules” Affect YOU? Posted on the 29th August 2018

Looking at options to house parents or family members? Confused by which rules might apply to your situation?  Have a read below…

Using Centrelink’s ‘granny flat’ rules to house ageing parents

George Cochrane, The Sydney Morning Herald

5 August 2018

I have a house that is currently rented out and we plan to move there in two years. Neither of my parents have superannuation and we have invited them to live with us....Read More

What You Need to Ask Your Mortgage Broker Posted on the 21st August 2018

The days are lasting a little longer and the sun is shining a little brighter … Springtime is on its way.  There’s no better time than now to list your goals for the next few months, and review your investments to ensure they are set up to work in the best possible way for you.

If you’re aiming to buy your dream home or a new investment property, then your first step is to talk to...Read More

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