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Auxiliary Units in Logan – What You Need to Know Posted on the 20th October 2017

Just announced by Logan City Council, they too are set to tighten laws relating to rentable granny flats.  Read below to see how it may affect you…

Logan Tightens Laws for Rentable Granny Flats

Judith Kerr, Quest Newspapers

October 19, 2017

LOGAN CITY Council is set to tighten laws for rentable granny flats, planning to set the minimum lot size at 700sq?m, introduce a minimum road frontage of 18m and infrastructure charges.

It looks like a...Read More

Financial Independence – Are your children ready? Posted on the 16th October 2017


From the moment their cuteness wears off and is replaced by smelly socks, empty fridges and rusty old cars parked on the front lawn, we all start dreaming of the day our beloved offspring will venture out into the world on their own.  But with children now staying at home well into their 20’s or even 30’s, what can we do to help give them a gentle nudge (or in some cases an almighty push!) towards independence?

Whether they stay...Read More

Buy first? Sell first? It’s a tough decision … Posted on the 9th October 2017

It’s a question we get asked frequently when homeowners are looking at selling their family home …  should you search for your dream home before you sell?  Or should you sell up first, so that you’re ready for action the moment you come across the perfect home?  There are a lot of “what if’s” and “maybe’s”, and you need to take advice from the right people – those with local expertise, knowledge and experience …

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Independence with safety, security and care… Posted on the 2nd October 2017

Here at Ipswich and Logan Granny Flats, we’re often approached by people looking to give their family members independence while still ensuring they are safe, secure and close by.  We’ve come across a number of reasons for this… the adult children who need their own space (but aren’t quite ready to leave the nest!)… the ageing parents who need company and help, but don’t want to give up their independence or be cared for by strangers… and the family...Read More

Tiny Houses – Will they be the next BIG thing?? Posted on the 27th September 2017

Tiny houses… small, transportable dwellings or cabins, offering a basic and compact accommodation solution.  Could they be the answer to an upcoming housing shortage?  Or are granny flats and apartments what cities need to help cater for the population boom? 

The experts are looking at all the options…what are your thoughts?


Tiny houses might accommodate a population boom

Rob Burgess, The New Daily

14 September 2017


For the past couple of years, economists have expected to see apartment gluts...Read More

State Politicians and Councils discuss need for different types of dwellings Posted on the 19th September 2017

Queensland’s housing needs are changing … and our politicians and councillors are including granny flats and the like in their plans!  New green guidelines, homes that work with our climate and are in tune with their community … it looks like they might just be getting it right!  Take a look at this excerpt from The Courier Mail article discussing the future housing plans for Brisbane City.


Future Brisbane: Major parties respond to action plan

Daryl Passmore, The Courier-MailRead More