When the family nest is best posted on the 7th August 2017

You’ve fed and clothed them, endured the teething torture through to the teenage years, suffered through sleepless nights, tantrums, school productions and sports games.  Now it’s time for them to leave the nest and give you some peace, right???  Sorry, but it’s official, more young people than ever before are living at home with Mum and Dad… And it’s creating a big demand for properties featuring separate accommodation options.

Kate Farrelly, Domain

27 July 2017

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Aussie Dream of Home Ownership Dying as Renting is Preferred Option posted on the 25th January 2017

This week Ipswich and Logan Granny Flats bring news of a change in the makeup of the Australian property market. The article below details the disparity between the great Australian dream of owning your own home and the harsh reality that some areas of Australia may soon have more than half the population renting, like New York. Affordability, investor domination of the market and the cost of stamp duty are the major hurdles standing in the way...Read More

Backyard Building Boom: Granny Flats Make a Comeback posted on the 17th January 2017

This week, Ipswich and Logan Granny Flats bring you an excellent article on the growing demand for Granny Flats. With housing prices continuing to climb and the suburban population explosion, building a Granny Flat has never sounded better. Owners are typically able to achieve 15% rental yield, with the average rent at $283 p/week. While for renters, Granny Flats provide privacy, a massive drawcard over share housing for very little more money p/week.  It’s a win win...Read More

These are the Brisbane Suburbs where Landlords were the Big Winners in 2016 posted on the 13th January 2017

This week Ipswich and Logan Granny Flats bring great news for investors! CoreLogic have released the highest performing suburbs for rental yield with Logan and Ipswich dominating the leader board! While houses in Riverview, Ipswich are netting a 6.3% gross rental yield, imagine what adding a Granny Flat in the backyard could do for your Return of Investment.

Our Case Studies prove that Doubling your Rent Return is not only a possibility but a probability!

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The HTW Property Clock and How it’s Relevant to Your Investment Purchase posted on the 6th January 2017

Herron Todd White, Property Valuers, have collated the current suburb trends to bring you the Property Clock below – a clever representation of the rise and fall of the property market.  For our local area, the Clock shows that Ipswich and Logan are nearing their market peak so investors need to seek out alternative ways to make your investments cash flow positive.  Join The Granny Flat Revolution – The Granny Flat Solution!  Ipswich and Logan Granny Flats specialise...Read More

Brisbane Property: The Suburbs where Prices are Predicted to Rise posted on the 5th November 2016

This week, Ipswich and Logan Granny Flats bring a valuable article for investors highlighting the suburbs in Brisbane where prices are set to rise. Incredibly, one-third of the suburbs listed come from the Moreton Bay area. This, coupled with Moreton Bay Regional Council’s recent changes allowing Granny Flats for investment purposes, makes us very excited at the profits just waiting to be reaped.

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Sophie Foster | News Corp Australia Network

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