State Politicians and Councils discuss need for different types of dwellings posted on the 19th September 2017

Queensland’s housing needs are changing … and our politicians and councillors are including granny flats and the like in their plans!  New green guidelines, homes that work with our climate and are in tune with their community … it looks like they might just be getting it right!  Take a look at this excerpt from The Courier Mail article discussing the future housing plans for Brisbane City.


Future Brisbane: Major parties respond to action plan

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Investors Can Still Get First Home Buyer Benefits posted on the 13th September 2017

“Rentvestor” is a new term that we are hearing more and more, as savvy buyers find ways to make their investments work best for them.  This little-known loophole in the first-home-buyers scheme gives investors who haven’t lived in their property for more than six months an advantage when it comes to stamp duty concessions and grants.

Read and enjoy …


Investors Can Own Multiple Properties but still be Eligible for First Home Buyer benefits

Jennifer Duke, Domain

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Granny Flats and Airbnb posted on the 6th September 2017


Airbnb is a world-wide concept that is rapidly gaining popularity here in Australia.  Letting out your unused room seems like such an easy way to make some pocket money or contribute a little extra towards the mortgage….right?

It can be, but before you place that ad you need to be aware of any possible tax obligations further down the track.  Check out this article to discover what you need to know…


A homeowner’s guide to letting on Airbnb

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The face of Brisbane’s housing market has started to change… posted on the 24th August 2017

When people talk of “future-proofing” their homes, thoughts of technology, mortgages and energy-efficiency usually pop into one’s mind.  But the term is now more commonly being used by parents who have come to realise that their children are likely to still be living with them well into adulthood.  Read here how this Brisbane couple built their home to cater for their 3 adult children (and partners!)

Michelle Hele, The Courier Mail

5 August 2017

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When the family nest is best posted on the 7th August 2017

You’ve fed and clothed them, endured the teething torture through to the teenage years, suffered through sleepless nights, tantrums, school productions and sports games.  Now it’s time for them to leave the nest and give you some peace, right???  Sorry, but it’s official, more young people than ever before are living at home with Mum and Dad… And it’s creating a big demand for properties featuring separate accommodation options.

Kate Farrelly, Domain

27 July 2017

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Aussie Dream of Home Ownership Dying as Renting is Preferred Option posted on the 25th January 2017

This week Ipswich and Logan Granny Flats bring news of a change in the makeup of the Australian property market. The article below details the disparity between the great Australian dream of owning your own home and the harsh reality that some areas of Australia may soon have more than half the population renting, like New York. Affordability, investor domination of the market and the cost of stamp duty are the major hurdles standing in the way...Read More