Brisbane Property: The Suburbs where Prices are Predicted to Rise posted on the 5th November 2016

This week, Ipswich and Logan Granny Flats bring a valuable article for investors highlighting the suburbs in Brisbane where prices are set to rise. Incredibly, one-third of the suburbs listed come from the Moreton Bay area. This, coupled with Moreton Bay Regional Council’s recent changes allowing Granny Flats for investment purposes, makes us very excited at the profits just waiting to be reaped.

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Sophie Foster | News Corp Australia Network

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Incentives for New Retirement and Aged Care posted on the 25th October 2016

This week, Brisbane Granny Flats brings you a Brisbane City Council media statement with incentives to alleviate the pressures on aged care facilities. With our aging population growing, the need for affordable, inner city housing that allows retirees to retain their familiar routines and community connectivity is essential.

Granny flats for immediate family members form a cornerstone in this incentive program and, as the Granny Flat Experts, Brisbane Granny Flats is uniquely positioned to assist you...Read More

Granny flats more popular as homebuyers invest in luxuries posted on the 24th October 2016

This week, Ipswich and Logan Granny Flats bring to you an inspirational article on how granny flats are becoming more and more stylish, modern and exciting. If you’re feeling like your granny flat needs a spruce up or renovation, check out what these savvy investors are doing to keep things comfortable and in-style!

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Aidan Devine | The Sunday Telegraph
October 15, 2016

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NSW Real Estate: Desperate Sydney homebuyers converting old train carriages into granny flats posted on the 21st September 2016

This week, Ipswich and Logan Granny Flats bring to you a great article on the endless possibilities a granny flat can give you. With property prices rising, many people are seeking alternative housing options by downsizing – or even turning old train carriages into granny flats such as the one seen in this article! It’s inventive, efficient and it’s just another reason granny flats are a fantastic housing solution.

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Style meets substance in this Canberra home posted on the 12th September 2016

This week, Ipswich & Logan Granny Flats bring to you yet another reason why granny flats can be so much more than a boring building in your backyard – they can be stylish, private and meet all of your living requirements in an easy-to-maintain home.  Be sure to read this article to the end, to see how one family made it work for them!

Domain | Rachel Packham
September 10, 2016

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Granny flats the new way to help the next generation stay local posted on the 5th September 2016

This week, Ipswich and Logan Granny Flats bring to you a fantastic article about how granny flats are heightening community spirits and keeping families closer together. With house prices in some suburbs, particularly Sydney, rising and housing availability hitting an all-time low, granny flats give the next generation the headstart they need in the property market – and for the rest of their lives…

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Kathryn Welling, News Corp Australia Network
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