Not just in Australia…. posted on the 23rd July 2018

Housing affordability is an increasing issue in many regions of Australia and it would appear that it’s not just us Aussies that are searching for solutions.  Read here how many US states are now changing laws and offering incentives to encourage the building of Granny Flats…

California Leads Nation In Granny Flat Permits

Hoa Quách, Patch Staff

Mar 24, 2018

California saw the biggest increase in permits for accessory dwelling units among U.S. states.

CALIFORNIA — California saw...Read More

Renting out your Granny Flat? Make sure you’re not breaking the law! posted on the 16th July 2018

Got a granny flat in your backyard and wanting to rent it out?  It’s a great way to bring in extra income, but before you begin there are a few things you need to know…and remember that the rules can vary between councils too!

Thousands of Brisbane homeowners breaking law with granny flats on their land, expert warns

Jim Malo, Domain

13 March, 2018

Thousands of Brisbane homeowners are acting illegally by drawing...Read More

2018 Property Predictions – Are you ready? posted on the 23rd January 2018

A new year brings opportunities for all in the ever-changing property market – maybe this is the year for you to snag yourself a great investment bargain or make a nice profit through a smart renovation.  Whatever your plans for 2018, you need to know what type of property to buy and which area you should buy in… and more importantly, which ones to avoid!


Property “bloodbath” in 2018: unit warning issued

High-rise apartments under construction in Brisbane. Picture:...Read More

Valuations – How can you get the result you are after? posted on the 15th January 2018

It can be pretty nerve-wracking waiting to hear what your home, investment or potential purchase is valued at!  Here’s a few useful pointers and tips that may help you to gain the result you are after…


Can you improve your property’s valuation?

Nicola McDougall, Domain

Whether you’re a homebuyer or a homeowner wanting to refinance, valuations can result in you uncomfortably sweating on that all-important final number.

But, while valuers are professionals who clearly know what they’re...Read More

A Good Property Manager is Worth Gold – What Your Property Manager Should be Doing for You posted on the 8th January 2018

There are many horror stories about tenants from hell who wreck properties and cause nothing but headaches for landlords.  But it doesn’t have to be like that, and thankfully, in most cases, it’s not!  Find yourself a decent Property Manager and relax knowing your investment is in safe hands…

What your property manager should be doing for you

Larissa Ham, Domain

A property manager is responsible for just three major things: finding you a tenant, collecting the cash and carrying...Read More

Investment Advice – The Good, The Bad and The Lessons to be Learned posted on the 4th January 2018

It can be pretty daunting purchasing an Investment Property, whether it’s your first or your fifth.  Everyone has different opinions on what to buy and what not to buy.  It’s important to get the RIGHT advice before you sign that contract.

The worst investment advice property experts and investors have ever heard

Christina Zhou, Domain

Buying the worst house on the best street is a classic real estate adage, but it could be among the worst investment advice for those...Read More