WA News Release – ABC Reports On Granny Flat Rental Reform posted on the 15th January 2014

Planning reforms open up granny flat rentals – 4 June 2013

WA’s Planning Minister John Day says he expects thousands of rental properties to open up under reforms to the state’s residential code.

Currently, home-owners who have granny flats on their property can only lease them out to relatives.

Mr Day has announced that from August, granny flats, or ‘Fonzie flats’ built above garages, can be rented by anyone.

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WA Joins the Granny Flat Revolution! posted on the 14th January 2014

Ipswich Granny Flats : Keeping abreast of all the changes within Australia – WA now joins the Granny Flat Revolution …

The first of 2 articles provided for information purposes showing the uptake in other states :


Beatrice Thomas, The West Australian
3 June 2013

Home owners will be allowed to rent out backyard granny flats or “Fonzie” flats, built above garages,...Read More

The Granny Flat Solution: A Growing Australian Investment Trend posted on the 6th January 2014

We will see more and more local governments in Australia look at this as a possible answer to the tight rental market, provide more opportunities for low income earners to live in established suburbs, and address the issues of housing affordability.

Granny Flats in Australia are a relatively new phenomenon. Many Councils currently allow granny flats to be built, but on the proviso that an immediate family member live in it, whether it’s elderly parents or...Read More

So What is a Granny Flat? posted on the 19th December 2013

The Collins Dictionary definition of a granny flat is : noun, self-contained accommodation within or built onto a house, suitable for an elderly parent.  Also called: granny annexe.  By the true definition it is for a “Granny”!

Every Australian state and Planning Schemes within that state seem to have their own description.  One state planning department sums it up nicely:

A self contained extension of the existing home that:

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NSW Fonzie Flat Investment Scheme Now Available in QLD posted on the 18th October 2013

Under the NSW Planning Scheme since 2009 there has been the opportunity of building Granny Flats for investment purposes.  Ipswich City Council is the first council in Queensland to now allow “Auxilliary Dwellings” or Granny Flats for the same purpose : an investment!  And we here at Ipswich Granny Flats have been instrumental in building the first purpose built Granny Flats purely as investments.

Below is an interesting extract that may be of interest …

Manor homes, Fonzie flats mooted under...Read More

What’s the Right Sort of Property for a Granny Flat? posted on the 27th September 2013

Ask us here at Ipswich Granny Flats …

There are a number of key features to bear in mind when looking for a property that will be suitable for a Granny Flat, and so we have listed some of them below as a guide :

1. Size of Block
Under the relaxation of the planning scheme under Ipswich City Council, there is no minimum land size for the building of a Granny Flat.  However there...Read More