How Do I Get a Loan to Build a Granny Flat? posted on the 11th March 2014

The rise of the Granny Flat phenomena is growing Australia wide as we speak!  There is a chronic housing shortage across the board and, coupled with housing affordability it seems to be the next logical step to be looking at.

Western Australia is the latest state to jump on board and now allows the humble Granny Flat to be built as an investment as well as for the immediate family.  Homeowners and investors alike have begun...Read More

Residency Interests, Features and Rights for Granny Flats posted on the 25th February 2014

Granny Flat, A Right or Interest

Have you ever wondered from a pension or government allowance point of view just what the criteria is?  We have attached the following for your information  ( 22 May 2014 :

The term granny flat right or interest is a description of an agreement for accommodation and not a description of the type of dwelling you live in or rent.

A granny flat right or interest is created when you pay for a...Read More

A Current Affair Reports on Granny Flat Gold Mine posted on the 17th February 2014


A Current Affair
Air Date: 05 February 2014

They’re the everyday homeowners bringing in $200-$400 plus a week from the soil in their backyards. Their secret; Granny flats, utilising otherwise wasted space. A Current Affair helps you uncover the treasure hidden right under your nose.

Check out our gig on A Current Affair – Backyard Income : The investment that pays for itself !

And don’t forget to see our...Read More

Canberra: The Largest Granny Flats in Australia! posted on the 11th February 2014

As part of our current information update, Ipswich Granny Flats presents an article as it appeared in today’s Canberra Times :


The Canberra Times
Meredith Clisby

Homeowners in the ACT can now build larger granny flats in their backyards following the approval of an amendment to the city’s territory plan.

Secondary residences, most often referred to as granny flats, were limited to a size of 75 square...Read More

Ipswich Granny Flats for Rent – No Shortage of Eager Tenants posted on the 3rd February 2014

Donated (Tracey, The First Tenant)
3 February 2014

As a result of Ipswich City Council’s relaxation of the Planning Scheme now approving Granny Flats to be built as investments, there has been an inundation of enquiries to Ipswich Granny Flats from potential new tenants anxious to rent and move in as soon as possible. The desire for a Granny Flat is the fact that it is brand new with stylish interiors and fittings as well as...Read More

QLD Property Market Activity Continues to Grow posted on the 28th January 2014

Ipswich Granny Flats agree wholeheartedly with this announcement – 2014 is going to be the year for Queensland, particularly SE Queensland !  All the right factors are in place : low interest rates, lots of hungry buyers, and Brisbane and surrounding areas tipped to lead the growth …

All the property investment experts are saying the same thing about Queensland : watch out 2014 here we come – and Ipswich City Council is the first and...Read More