Renting out the Granny Flat May Mean Losing Tax Concessions … posted on the 30th April 2014

Ipswich Granny Flats : We are often asked ‘What happens if we build a Granny Flat in our backyard now, then we go to sell our home at a later date ?   What are the tax implications for us?’

I’m not an accountant so I cannot answer the question, all I can do is refer that person to their Accountant or Tax Adviser.

You might find the recent article below provides some useful information...Read More

Ipswich Investment Property 2014 : Hotspotting, 24 April 2014 posted on the 28th April 2014

Terry Ryder in brief …

Here’s why 2014 is the year of Brisbane and Qld

Why Queensland ?

*  Most Australian jobs created in 2013 were created in Qld
*  Tourism is in a strong growth phase
*  The CSG to LNG industry continues to prosper
*  The coal industry is poised for a comeback

Why Brisbane ?

*  Brisbane markets are moving strongly into recovery
*  Sales volumes have...Read More

Ipswich City Council is Premier’s Standout Performer posted on the 11th April 2014

Need another good reason to investment in Ipswich in 2014, read the following article recently published by the Queensland Times (QT, APN Newsdesk).

Premier Campbell Newman has pointed to Ipswich City Council as a standout performer in its determination to get the local economy moving forward and creating jobs through economic development.

Council is Premier’s Standout Performer

QT, Adam Davies
24 March 2014

WELL DONE: Premier Campbell Newman has lauded the
determination of...Read More

Thousands Flock to Call Ipswich Home posted on the 8th April 2014

PROUD IPSWICHIANS: Chris Wotton with Jacob, 7, and Makayla, 8, at Robelle Domain yesterday.
Claudia Baxter

QT, Kiri Ten Dolle
7 April 2014

NEW residents Sue and Shane Fox are among a massive migration of more than 758 people per month to call the Ipswich region home in the past year.

The family moved with their sons Tim, 3, and Anthony, 5, from Newcastle last year when Shane was posted...Read More

Maximising Granny Flat Returns – Tips & Tricks for Savvy Investors posted on the 7th April 2014

There are a few options for investors looking for ways to maximise their granny flat rentals. Once your granny flat is built, you can certainly improve your chances of attracting quality tenants, especially in the design process. What can you do to increase your granny flat rental income?

Great Planning and Design

Here are a few tips to make your new granny flat irresistible to tenants :

1. DESIGN – It’s vitally important...Read More

Ipswich Property Market 2014 posted on the 31st March 2014

There isn’t one property investment or wealth creation group in Australia at the moment that isn’t singing the same song : 2014 – Queensland is the place to invest.  Particularly SE Queensland, especially where you can produce two incomes from the one property without having to do dual occupancy and all it’s associated fees and charges ie: Dual Living as they are all calling it …

Have I mentioned yet that we are the only council in...Read More