Maximising Granny Flat Returns – Tips & Tricks for Savvy Investors posted on the 7th April 2014

There are a few options for investors looking for ways to maximise their granny flat rentals. Once your granny flat is built, you can certainly improve your chances of attracting quality tenants, especially in the design process. What can you do to increase your granny flat rental income?

Great Planning and Design

Here are a few tips to make your new granny flat irresistible to tenants :

1. DESIGN – It’s vitally important...Read More

Ipswich Property Market 2014 posted on the 31st March 2014

There isn’t one property investment or wealth creation group in Australia at the moment that isn’t singing the same song : 2014 – Queensland is the place to invest.  Particularly SE Queensland, especially where you can produce two incomes from the one property without having to do dual occupancy and all it’s associated fees and charges ie: Dual Living as they are all calling it …

Have I mentioned yet that we are the only council in...Read More

Positioning a Granny Flat for Privacy posted on the 27th March 2014


So now you know what sort of property is suitable for a Granny Flat, it’s crucial to design your new Granny Flat with a view to creating privacy between the two households, whether both are investment properties, or a home owner that has built a granny flat investment in his backyard.  You need to create...Read More

Who lives in a Granny Flat? posted on the 17th March 2014

With our demographics changing and our population growing the need to provide adequate housing is putting more and more pressure on Local, State and Federal Governments.

Ipswich City Council has stepped up to the mark with the introduction of auxiliary dwellings included in the revised planning scheme. Not only can you add an auxiliary dwelling (commonly known as a Granny Flat) you can also rent it out to a ‘third’ party. Essentially this means renting it...Read More

How Do I Get a Loan to Build a Granny Flat? posted on the 11th March 2014

The rise of the Granny Flat phenomena is growing Australia wide as we speak!  There is a chronic housing shortage across the board and, coupled with housing affordability it seems to be the next logical step to be looking at.

Western Australia is the latest state to jump on board and now allows the humble Granny Flat to be built as an investment as well as for the immediate family.  Homeowners and investors alike have begun...Read More

Residency Interests, Features and Rights for Granny Flats posted on the 25th February 2014

Granny Flat, A Right or Interest

Have you ever wondered from a pension or government allowance point of view just what the criteria is?  We have attached the following for your information  ( 22 May 2014 :

The term granny flat right or interest is a description of an agreement for accommodation and not a description of the type of dwelling you live in or rent.

A granny flat right or interest is created when you pay for a...Read More