NT : Joins the Growing Phenomena : Granny Flats posted on the 27th May 2014

Vision Property Group Ipswich, Granny Flat Revolution news

Territorians can now build a granny flat without as many restrictions

Herald Sun
Dani McDonald
NT News
20 May 2014

Ipswich Granny Flats once again brings you ground breaking news ! Northern Territory is the latest state in Australia to join the growing phenomena : Granny Flats – read on …

Territorians can now build an independent unit, or a granny flat, on their single-dwelling block with fewer restrictions under changes introduced by the Country Liberals Government.

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Is the Recent Growth in Queensland Sustainable ? posted on the 22nd May 2014

Rapid Sales of Land In South East Queensland Causes Investors to rush

Vision Property Group (Qld) and Ipswich Granny Flats : A timely article in the new issue of the HIA Queensland Building News!

Here in Ipswich we have certainly experienced a new found shortage of available land.  Every investment group in Australia has realised you can now build a new house + an Auxiliary Dwelling, more commonly known amongst the investment fraternity as Dual Living (We Call Them Granny Flats!).  And we don’t see it changing any...Read More

Know your Home – Passive Solar Design posted on the 16th May 2014

HIA Green Smart Guide

Both Sonia Woolley and Julie Adams, Directors of Vision Property Group
and Ipswich Granny Flats are HIA Greensmart Accredited.

The HIA have produced an easy to read manual as a result of the accreditation offered, and called it ‘HIA GreenSmart Home Owner Manual – Living in your Home with an Environmental Awareness’. There is some great content in the booklet, some of which you would think is just so logical, yet most...Read More

Granny Flats for Rent : Investors Most Frequently Asked Questions posted on the 7th May 2014

Ipswich property investor FAQ

Who are Your Most Likely Tenants for Dual Living Properties?

The Downsizers – sick and tired of a big yard to maintain and over paying the mortgage every month. Many people just want a break from the constant commitment of maintenance and mortgages.

The Savers/Newlyweds – young couples, first home buyers, saving for their first home.

The Single Mums – Granny Flats provide security and independence and also usually have a small, easy care garden for the kids.

The Retirees – time to...Read More

Renting out the Granny Flat May Mean Losing Tax Concessions … posted on the 30th April 2014

Ipswich Granny Flats : We are often asked ‘What happens if we build a Granny Flat in our backyard now, then we go to sell our home at a later date ?   What are the tax implications for us?’

I’m not an accountant so I cannot answer the question, all I can do is refer that person to their Accountant or Tax Adviser.

You might find the recent article below provides some useful information...Read More

Ipswich Investment Property 2014 : Hotspotting, 24 April 2014 posted on the 28th April 2014

Terry Ryder in brief …

Here’s why 2014 is the year of Brisbane and Qld

Why Queensland ?

*  Most Australian jobs created in 2013 were created in Qld
*  Tourism is in a strong growth phase
*  The CSG to LNG industry continues to prosper
*  The coal industry is poised for a comeback

Why Brisbane ?

*  Brisbane markets are moving strongly into recovery
*  Sales volumes have...Read More