All things Property Management posted on the 24th June 2014

Why should property Investors look to change their current Property Manager and what to know before selecting a Property Manager.

Owning investment property is an important step in your financial future. Using a Property Manager to manage your investment should help to minimise risk and maximise your returns.

If you choose the right Property Manager it should be utopia, but if you don’t then you could find yourself tracking the performance of your Property Manager...Read More

NZ to consider joining the Granny Flat Revolution posted on the 19th June 2014

Ipswich Granny Flats keeping you up to date on what’s happening in the bigger, wider world !  Our NZ neighbours are considering the benefits of Granny Flats.   News to hand :

More Apartment Blocks would Ease House Prices – expert

Rebecca Quilliam, Senior Reporter
APNZ News, Wellington NZ
27 May 2014

The cost of properties with over-inflated price tags can be brought down with a rapid increase of high rise apartment blocks and...Read More

How to Maximise Rent – when you are Ready to Rent out your New Granny Flat … posted on the 16th June 2014

With an increasing supply of new rental properties hitting the market here in Ipswich (or anywhere for that matter), as Landlords you may need to upt the ante to compete for tenants. Too often I see properties with a For Rent outside the front of the house, often sitting there for 4 weeks or longer. And why ? It looks like a renter …

But a season investor knows that the longer the property sits...Read More

Should I build my Granny Flat on Piers or on a Concrete Slab ? posted on the 11th June 2014

I find this is one of the most frequently asked questions for any enquiry we have for building a Granny Flat here in Ipswich. There are a number of things to take into consideration, some of which are listed below, but not necessarily in order of importance :

Mining Influence

There are a number of properties in Ipswich that have Mining Influence. This seems to be frighten a lot of people, but...Read More

NT : Joins the Growing Phenomena : Granny Flats posted on the 27th May 2014

Vision Property Group Ipswich, Granny Flat Revolution news

Territorians can now build a granny flat without as many restrictions

Herald Sun
Dani McDonald
NT News
20 May 2014

Ipswich Granny Flats once again brings you ground breaking news ! Northern Territory is the latest state in Australia to join the growing phenomena : Granny Flats – read on …

Territorians can now build an independent unit, or a granny flat, on their single-dwelling block with fewer restrictions under changes introduced by the Country Liberals Government.

Read More

Is the Recent Growth in Queensland Sustainable ? posted on the 22nd May 2014

Rapid Sales of Land In South East Queensland Causes Investors to rush

Vision Property Group (Qld) and Ipswich Granny Flats : A timely article in the new issue of the HIA Queensland Building News!

Here in Ipswich we have certainly experienced a new found shortage of available land.  Every investment group in Australia has realised you can now build a new house + an Auxiliary Dwelling, more commonly known amongst the investment fraternity as Dual Living (We Call Them Granny Flats!).  And we don’t see it changing any...Read More