Tiny houses now on the Gold Coast – Would You Live Here? posted on the 10th June 2019

It seems like tiny houses just seem to be getting better and better! There’s so much great planning equating into some stunning designs…would you live here?

Gold Coast’s tiniest houses now complete

Architecture & Design

21 May 2019


The Gold Coast’s tiniest homes, built on land ranging from 38sqm, have been completed in Southport.

The ENVI Micro Urban Village features nine homes on 10 of the smallest freehold lots in...Read More

Urban Planning Experts increase density to allow for growing population posted on the 11th April 2019

State governments across the country are looking at ways to cater for our growing population.  Townhouses, granny flats, studio apartments and dual-key properties, are among the many housing options gaining popularity in all states.  Read here how Perth is dealing with their increasing need for housing.

State government reveals first five sites for Metronet medium-density hubs

Heather McNeill, The Sydney Morning Herald

March 14, 2019

The state government has revealed the first site...Read More

Got a $300,000 budget? No problem if you’re looking here! posted on the 11th April 2019

Feeling disheartened that everything you look at is unaffordable and out of your price range?  Take a look at these suburbs, you might just find what you’re searching for!


Affordable havens: The sub $300,000 suburbs on the verge of extinction in Brisbane

Elizabeth Tilley, The Courier Mail

24 March 2019


Suburbs with a median house price of $300,000 or less are on the verge of extinction in Greater Brisbane. So, where can you...Read More

Entering into a Granny Flat Agreement: Understand all the Elements posted on the 9th January 2019

With the inquiry into tax treatment of Granny Flat arrangements commencing this year, this is another timely reminder of things to consider out before entering into a Granny Flat Agreement…

Granny flats for aged care caught in Catch 22

Rachel Lane, The Sydney Morning Herald

9 December 2018


Last week the Assistant Treasurer announced an inquiry into the tax treatment of granny flat arrangements will commence in the new year. The review is...Read More

CGT and GST on Granny Flats – The Important Bits That You NEED to Know! posted on the 8th January 2019

TAX – it’s one of those things that we all love to hate! This article offers some great info on how your granny flat could be affected by current taxation rules, along with some simple calculations to show you just how much tax you might be liable to pay.  It’s worth a read for all investors!

CGT granny flat crackdown planned in bid to prevent evasion and elder abuse

Duncan Hughes, The Australian Financial...Read More

Rental Crisis – It’s a GREAT time to DOUBLE your rental income! posted on the 15th November 2018

Savvy investors are taking advantage of the tight rental market, and are looking at ways to increase their income… adding a Granny Flat to your existing property is a fantastic option.  More housing, more income – it’s win-win if you ask me!

Australia’s residential vacancy rate tightest it has been in years

Sophie Foster, The Courier Mail

13 November 2018

Brisbane has seen its vacancy rate fall while Sydney is treading...Read More