Auxiliary Units in Logan – What You Need to Know posted on the 20th October 2017

Just announced by Logan City Council, they too are set to tighten laws relating to rentable granny flats.  Read below to see how it may affect you…

Logan Tightens Laws for Rentable Granny Flats

Judith Kerr, Quest Newspapers

October 19, 2017

LOGAN CITY Council is set to tighten laws for rentable granny flats, planning to set the minimum lot size at 700sq?m, introduce a minimum road frontage of 18m and infrastructure charges.

It looks like a normal house from the front but it is actually two homes. Access to the second property is through the side fence.

An officer told last week’s City Growth committee auxiliary units were included in the Planning Scheme two years ago and had successfully provided a mix of housing choices. But his call to extend a 12-month review of the housing style was rejected when the council opted to tighten the laws immediately.

Cr Stacey McIntosh (Div6) said interstate investors were taking advantage having two rentable properties without having to pay infrastructure charges.

“There are real-estate agents going around Bethania asking people to pull down their houses to build these units because it’s such a good investment,” she said. “But there is a social impact with no parking and inaccessible blocks.”

Council will amend its definition of auxiliary units to incorporate the changes, instead of amending the Planning Scheme.

Act NOW before council’s make even more changes! 

If you’ve been considering how a granny flat will enhance YOUR property and YOUR income

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Written by Sonia Woolley

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